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I don’t live here anymore. But the cause is still on. Visit me at http://www.dethronenow.com


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Vote Obama For Gay Marriage


It was an open secret that Obama’s team was looking to change his stance on Gay Marriage following his re-election. But with Joe Biden’s interview last weekend, it is now just an open fact that Obama will bring constitutional change to legalize Gay Marriage as that is the only possible way of countering what some states have already banned. It is clear that Supreme Court has been favoring states right to decide on the issue and in fact in some cases (“California”), referendums have already decided fate of such issue but is being blocked by activities judges.

Therefore, I have no doubt in my mind the only vote Gay Marriage can be legal is if Obama wins this November.


From the article:

“If there is one thing that we learned in 2008, it’s that nothing is more powerful than millions of voices calling for change.”  — Barack Obama on Saturday at his campaign kickoff rally in Columbus, Ohio

The next day, Joe Biden added his voice (more or less) to the millions calling for change in the laws that ban gay marriage. Then Monday morning, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a Chicagoan like the president, endorsed gay marriage during an MSNBC interview. Before the week is over, it is a safe bet that other prominent members of the Obama administration–when pressed by reporters–will join the chorus. That is how a social movement builds, one public conversion at a time.


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Romney’s Momentum!














Thanks to all the pundits who declared Romney would be dead on arrival because of the prolonged primary battles! You were wrong..

Romney is statistically tied to Barack Hussein within a month of Santorum dropping out. Imagine what this momentum could bring in October! – Back to Capitalism..

– DeO

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Political satire is one thing, but I thought we agreed on National Security. I guess Obama’s minion’s didn’t get the memo..

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Can you believe this guy?

This has to be a really dark chapter in Obama’s Presidency.. Er.. more like a page, considering how low Obama’s presidency has sunk to these days, but it should be a chapter on its own because of shamelessness of it.

Obama is now using some of out-of-context quotes to accuse Mitt Romney of not having the courage to attack Osama Bin Laden, if needed. To top it off, he brought in Bill Clinton to argue for this hypothetical.

Clearly, Obama and Clinton are ganging up to suggest Romney would not have acted to national interest to catch America’s Enemy number one. That’s a polite way of accusing Romney of “hypothetical” treason when everyone knows that even Obama’s dog would have ordered to kill Osama (assuming Obama doesn’t eat him up).

What a shameless attack on the Republican nominee from the current President of the country.


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Obama Removes All Dignity from the Office of President

A must read –


From the article –

You have to hand it to Obama though, even with 122 fundraisers 94 rounds of golf and 17 vacations as of April 20, according to American Freedom he still finds time to impede economic progress, increase the number of citizens reliant on welfare and blame everyone from ATM machines to Republicans “sipping on a Slurpee” (Red State) to blaming George W. Bush for his failures and making America a laughing stock for the rest of the world.


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Republicans Are Better Informed

According to the Pew Research Center’s latest Political Knowledge survey, Republicans are better informed on political issues, state of their party and policy prescriptions than Democrats.

From the report –

Republicans fare substantially better than Democrats on several questions in the survey, as is typically the case in surveys about political knowledge. The largest gaps are in awareness of which party is more supportive of reducing the size and scope of the federal government (30 points) and which party is more conservative (28 points).

Republicans also are 21 percentage points more likely than Democrats to know that the GOP is more supportive of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

There is only one policy question – which party is more supportive of cutting defense spending – on which Democrats are more knowledgeable than Republicans. Two-thirds of Democrats (67%) identify the Democratic Party as being more supportive of reducing the size of the defense budget, compared with 59% of Republicans.

Who’s the stupid party now?