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Barack Obama Ate Dog Meat

Obama’s campaign has tried to make a big deal of Romney family’s handling of their car. In January, Obama’s campaign adviser David Axlrod tweeted – “How loving owners transport their dogs.” with a picture of Ob and Bo.

So when The Daily Caller noted this passage from Hussein Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father”:

“With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chili peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy),”

Obama’s campaign’s only defense was – He was only ten years old!.

What do you think? Does someone who ate dog meat has the right to tell other dog lovers how to handle their dogs?

To be honest, both issues are made up. But Obama’s camp will never admit that.



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