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Obama’s Own Hispanic Problem


A lot has made of Mitt Romney’s so called “Hispanic Problem”. However, liberal media has failed to expose how Obama himself has lost Hispanic support in the key swing state of Florida. A poll conducted by Resurgent Republic in January highlighted Obama’s problem with Hispanic votes for which key highlights are below:

  • Votes disapprove 53-41 percent of Obama’s handling of Economy – the key issue for 2012.
  • Hispanic votes say it is time to re-elect someone else by slim margin of 46-41 percent.
  • Obama leads an unnamed Republican 46-39 percent. The margin is less than his margin over John McCain in 2008 which was 57-42.

Miguel Perez clearly listed Obama’s Hispanic problem:

The anger and sense of betrayal many Latinos feel toward the president certainly would justify a huge voter backlash in 2012. Even his fellow Chicago Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez recently said he could not guarantee his support for Obama’s re-election bid.

The media might make us believe that all is lost with Hispanics in key states but that is only doing the bidding for Mr. B. H. Obama. Don’t lose heart and stay strong. This is a completely winnable race.

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