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Talking Point: Romney’s Favorability Doesn’t Mean Squat!

As I have mentioned in my last post as well, the liberal media has been on full-scale assault to discredit Romney’s standing right now with phone arguments such as his standing among women, Hispanics, independents and blacks.

Of these, one of the most quoted number is Romney’s favorability score which stood at 47 percent unfavorable to 35 percent favorable if you trust ABC/Washington Post. Obama, on the other hand, stands at surprising 56 favorable 42 unfavorable. This is what depresses me sometime.

Although there is evidence to believe that Romney is turning the tide as CNN’s new poll on Tuesday indicated Romney’s favorability is tied to his unfavorability at 43 percent, the truth is it doesn’t mean squat.

An election, where a sitting President is running, is a referendum on the President himself and never on the opponent. John Kerry and Bob Dole had strong positive favorability numbers but lost while Clinton in 1992 had strong unfavorability number but won.

In an analysis at New York Times, Nate Silver, who has been quite accurate in predicting last four elections, points out that unfavorability doesn’t mean anything to the result.

This should counter the liberal talking points that Romney is unfavorable because in November, it doesn’t mean squat.



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