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Obama’s Accomplishments: Remember The Spill!

It’s been two years to the great spill of the Mexican Gulf:

  • It was the worst spill in history gushing between 17 and 39 million gallons.
  • Obama was told by  a day after the spill how big the spill would be. What did he do about it?
  • A month after the spills, 53% Americans said Obama was doing a poor job.
  • Obama kept insisting BP should be in-charge of the spill  excusing government of any responsibility as the spill kept growing.
  • Democratic strategist James Carville, who lives in New Orleans, and Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., are among the critics who acknowledge that the government doesn’t have the technological know-how to plug the well and stop the gusher.
  • Obama’s interference, when happened, actually slowed the oil spill response.
  • Media did play along with Obama, never criticizing him for the slow response.
  • Michael Brown, former head of FEMA suggested that  the president didn’t really want to plug the leak, , because doing so might interfere with his secret plot “to bankrupt the coal industry, and basically get rid of the oil and gas industry.”



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