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Can you believe this guy?

This has to be a really dark chapter in Obama’s Presidency.. Er.. more like a page, considering how low Obama’s presidency has sunk to these days, but it should be a chapter on its own because of shamelessness of it.

Obama is now using some of out-of-context quotes to accuse Mitt Romney of not having the courage to attack Osama Bin Laden, if needed. To top it off, he brought in Bill Clinton to argue for this hypothetical.

Clearly, Obama and Clinton are ganging up to suggest Romney would not have acted to national interest to catch America’s Enemy number one. That’s a polite way of accusing Romney of “hypothetical” treason when everyone knows that even Obama’s dog would have ordered to kill Osama (assuming Obama doesn’t eat him up).

What a shameless attack on the Republican nominee from the current President of the country.



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